New for 2014

We have made a few changes to the Pet Haven. Customer feedback is very important and we took the opportunity to upgrade the product.

A New Look

A new curved top door was created to break up the straight lines of the Pet Haven. I’ve also noticed my dog doesn’t hit his little head as much with the added clearance.

Original Pet Haven

Original Pet Haven

NEW - 2014 Pet Haven

NEW – 2014 Pet Haven

A New Color

Pink roof version for bitches. What? That is the correct term for female dog… This version is in limited supply, but is a beautiful combination of pink and dark brown.

NEW 2014 Pet Haven - Pink

NEW 2014 Pet Haven – Pink

A New Size

This was the most popular request from customers: Can you make a bigger one? Well, that’s what we did. We still have the original 21″ SMALL DOG size, but we increased the original 24″ medium size to the new 28″ MEDIUM DOG size. We still do not have a “large dog” size simply because the construction limitations just don’t work for anything much larger.

Small 21"w x 17"d x 21"h     -     Medium 28"w x 20"d x 24"h

Small 21″w x 17″d x 21″h – Medium 28″w x 20″d x 24″h

Memory Foam Mattress with 2 Sided Winter/Summer Pillow Case

The new 2014 version has an improved pillow case. One side is warm sherpa fleece for winter months, while the other side is a soft cotton canvas that is a bit cooler. The pillow case is removable and washable and now has a zipper enclosure.

The new 2014 memory foam mattress has an improved dual winter/summer sided pillow case. One side is a warm sherpa fleece and the other side is  a cooler soft cotton canvas. It is very durable, washable and has a new zipper enclosure.

Memory Foam with Soft Terry Pillow Case

OLD – Memory Foam with Soft Terry Pillow Case

NEW – 2014 Memory Foam Pillow – Sherpa Pillow Case